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Our Story

A First

Meet FirstName. Three passionate hoteliers committed to reinventing the way you stay. An upscale brand with LOTS of personality — because inspiring, surprising, engaging, and fun is way better than being ordinary. We get the ethos of the modern traveler. Our brand is rooted in sustainability for all — hosts, guests, the neighborhood, and the planet. We’re authentic, native, and kind. FirstName is a smile-inducing place to feel good. There’s a first time for everything.

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You First

FirstName is open. Let us introduce you to an evolved style of hospitality where guests are welcomed with open arms and open hearts. Step inside and feel good. It’s our nature to nurture. Look to FirstName to feed your cultural soul by offering easy access to the local music, art, food, and drink you crave. Our guest rooms and suites, on the other hand, are designed for when you just want to relax and disconnect in our comforting bubbles of wellness and tranquility. Get busy living and feel well cared for by a brand committed to doing good and feeling good at the same time. That’s a first.


First Time

It’s time for FirstName. Shake up the norm and embrace an alternative way to stay. Modern, thoughtful, generous, and yes fun! Our philosophy is simple: be happy, be yourself, be adventurous, and be well taken care of. At FirstName you’ll feel like a local in no time. Connect with nature in the plant chamber in the entrance of the hotel. Sample a native delicacy in our locally sourced restaurant. Groove to music from the live DJ. And when it’s time to chill, the flip side of FirstName delivers soothing rooms with amazingly comfortable beds, activated carbon air purifiers, soothing lighting and more. Put yourself, your well-being, and the planet first. Welcome to the Feel Good brand offering next level hospitality.


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For People & Planet

First Respect

FirstName is on a journey to evolve hospitality with a focus on kindness, authenticity, fulfilling work, and respect for the environment. We strive to be mindful of how we impact our community, embrace new ways to operate and learn how we can do better. We want to create spaces where people feel good staying and working with us. It’s our plan to help people integrate into society through work and feel good being a part of FirstName. It is possible to be well, eat well, stay well, work well, and do less harm. We hope you will join us — if you please — and take this first step together.

Our Hotels

First Hotels

You never forget your First. Welcome to FirstName. Street chic, modern, with no pretense. FirstName invites you to get your nature fix...indoors. Be inspired...to do pretty much anything. Take a minute...in our comforting bubble. Vibe to the eclectic music and art. Indulge in authentic local food and drink. Stay comfortably and live well. Be a part of our approach to creating a better experience one FirstName at a time. We’re pretty sure it will be love at first sight.

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