Cookies Policy

A cookie (or connection witness) is defined by the HTTP communication protocol as being a series of information sent by an HTTP server to an HTTP client, which the latter returns each time the same HTTP server is queried under certain conditions. The cookie is the equivalent of a small text file, stored on the Internet user's terminal. It is sent as an HTTP header by the web server to the web browser which returns it unchanged each time it accesses the server. A cookie can be used for authentication, session (state maintenance), and to store specific user information, such as site preferences or the contents of an electronic shopping cart. Being generally stored in the form of simple text files, cookies are not executable. They are neither spyware nor viruses. Most modern browsers allow users to decide whether to accept or reject cookies. Users can also choose how long cookies are stored. However, the complete rejection of cookies makes some sites unusable.

Use of “cookies” on our site

With each connection to our site, subject to your choices, various cookies are likely to be installed in your terminal in order to allow us to recognize the internet browser used, for example. These are cookies linked to the very functioning of the website.



These cookies allow:

  • The generation of statistics on the use of the elements present on our site (sections, sub-sections, products, services, etc.) in order to improve the experience of your visit on a daily basis.
  • The adaptation of the ergonomics of our site to the display preferences of your terminal (language of use, display resolution, etc.) during your navigation.
  • The association of your contact details or personal data and navigation information when you register or access our products and services, in order to send you emails that may be of interest to you.
  • The recording by your Internet browser of information relating to a form that you have completed on our site (registration or access to a customer area for example) or to our products and services (subscribed service or the details of a reservation by example).
  • The implementation of security measures, for example when you are invited to reconnect to all or part of the website, or to one of our products and services after a certain period of time.

To find out more about cookies, see:

Ability to restrict or block cookies

You can configure your browser settings to restrict or block cookies from the Site (or any other website). Your browser may contain information on how to adjust your settings.

You can also visit for general information about cookies and how to adjust cookie settings in various browsers. This site also explains how to delete cookies from your computer. You can also opt out of targeted cookies from certain providers using the opt-out process presented by

Please note, we remind you that refusing to use these cookies may impact the quality of your visit and the user experience.