La White Room, Express Yourself.

On the top floor of FirstName Bordeaux — The White Room is a blank canvas to create a special event. Come be creative and let your imagination run wild. Or let your group be the color in our clean white space. 

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First Meet

Designed for how you think and work. Come meet in the Mind Rooms. Work, network, and brainstorm by day — face-to-face or via video — and play by night. 

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Our Meeting Rooms

  • Left Brain

    Are you more verbal, analytical, and orderly? If so the Left Brain room is for you. A classic meeting space for small groups or one-on-one interviews, co-working, and more in a cool corporate universe by day. That all changes for nights and weekends where the vibe transforms from work to play and is perfect for small group dinners of up to 10 people, board games, card games, or whatever makes you feel good. 


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  • Right Brain

    Are you more creative, emotional, and intuitive? Our Right Brain room is designed for creativity, work, and Zoom/Teams meetings in a more unstructured environment with fully moveable furniture and a white ambiance with pops of color and small tables on casters. Write on the walls. Grab a soft drink, feed your creative inner child and be inspired. But when the sun sets, it’s a whole different spot, perfect for online gaming, travel board games, and whatever suits your fancy.

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