Check-In - Check-Out

Putting out good vibes at FirstName means peacefully co-existing with everyone — including planet earth. Little steps have BIG impact so we’re consciously measuring things and adjusting operations.

First Respect

It’s all about people and planet. And making steps toward zero waste and zero pollution. We support a circular economy. It starts with reusing an existing building, respecting its original structure, and enhancing what was there instead of demolishing and rebuilding it. Measuring our impact on the world is so important at FirstName Bordeaux, we’ve partnered with BetterFly to review our hotel operations and see how we can measurably reduce our impact without affecting the quality of the customer and employee experience. First steps.

Be Green

Our philosophy is to use and throw away little; recycle more. We’re committed to being paperless as much as possible, have zero single-use plastic bottles (we use water carafes in rooms and suites), and prefer reusable amenities. 

A one-degree difference on the thermostat has a significant impact on energy consumption — as do water flow regulators. A slow tech French press produces better coffee with less energy than a plastic coffee pod. And eliminating guestroom minibars in favor of a shared kitchenette on each floor also reduces energy usage. Now that’s powerful.

Now here’s where the fun part comes in. How fast or slow do you shower? Think you’re faster than most? Let’s play a game if you’re up for it? We provide an hourglass in the bathroom to measure how long you’re under water. A five-minute shower uses 75 liters of water. What’s your time?